Technical Support

A) Want to create website with dynamic graphs and mathematical symbols?
B) Unable to view Geogebra graphs?

(A) In order to create a website that includes dynamic graphs and mathematical symbols, I used two sources:
  1. For dynamic graphs, I used Geogebra 3.2 where you can get the software from . In order to embed the dynamic graph from Geogebra into Blogger, follow the following steps:
    • Choose File --> Export --> Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage (html),
    • Then click on Advance tab and choose Clipboard: html.
    • Click on Clipboard and go to the blog where you want to paste the graph, make sure you are in "Edit HTML", press Ctrl-V to paste the html command.
    • Delete whatever command before <applet...> and commands after </applet>. 

  2. For inserting mathematical symbols in blogger/other website that does not support LaTeX, you may try to go to and type in the equation or expression you want in A, copy the html code in B and paste it in your blog.

    (B) If you are unable to view the graphs created by Geogebra in this website. There are two possiblities:
    1. You have not installed Java in your PC ot laptop. Please download the latest version from into your PC or laptop first.
    2. If you are using Internet Explorer, try to use Mozilla Firefox to re-accress this website. To download Mozilla Firefox, please click here.
    3. If you insist to use Internet Explorer and you have done part (1) and still unable to view the graphs, please try the following steps:
      • Go to Tools
      • Click on Internet Option
      • Choose Security tab
      • Click on Custom level...
      • Scroll down to serach for "Download unsigned ActiveX controls"
      • Choose "Prompt" instead of "Enable" for security prupose
      • Click OK twice
      • Click Refresh button to refresh the website